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Design and construction of the Interior – Exterior

Interior design, construction production office furniture and family. Accept orders according to customer requirements. With a team of architects, interior design professionals with a team of professional and skillful workers experienced were recruited from the villages of traditional handicrafts, services Our Furniture has been reached the pinnacle of quality: durable, design rich variety that satisfies all the choice of the customer.

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality services, quickly, effectively and economically with these products and services:

Building service provider package: Advice interior design

Project planning, estimation.

Construction of individual or overall construction items.

Finishing, interior-exterior. Services timely customer support and continuously.


The areas of expertise:

1. Furniture: Design, build and upgrade, repair or relocation for: Residential houses. Office. Showroom. Shop. Café.

2. Provide decoration-exterior: Tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, tables, partitions … The diverse types of decorations from the style, color, material (natural, wood, glass, metal type, plastic …)

3. Equipped with machinery, electrical equipment and electronics:

Lighting systems, electric.

Air-conditioning system, ventilation.

Water supply systems, sanitation equipment.

Hotline: 0220 389 1898