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Design house according to Feng Shui

1. Feng Shui for beautiful homes

Feng shui seriously address the top gas, because gas will address decisions that land has been good for the development of the list of wealth, health or not. If that land that has “emanation” that is, when it is necessary to neutralize the soil before construction gas. If the landlord does not address test gas and feng shui design before building a house on it, when it was dangerous and difficult to resolve.

Feng shui design before construction is to the distribution room, distribution gate, door, towards home, towards the kitchen, towards the altar, bedroom, sugar and water to the right with the technical principles and feng shui, to ensure houses built, people living in it are healthy, the spirit is always in good condition.

Feng shui design before choosing well as the beautiful measurements for gates, doors, side doors, windows, the altar so nice to get the numbers to bring good luck. Also, you will not have the time to work out a kitchen redesign or change the house during use. Preconditioning also gives you peace of mind and put ideas to work forever, as well as life is fresher.


2. Some schools of feng shui in the design before building

Local feng shui air: soil gas meter, energy meter of land, which will know that land is the land development business, in the field, or as a normal piece of land, soil pathogens … From there, you can resolve method if unfortunately encountered bad ground.

Feng shui bowl scouts: based on the provision of par par land owners and direction to calculate the direction there is inappropriate, improper, then resolve how, calculate the direction of bedrooms, kitchens direction, towards the altar, direction desk, desks, door guide, user port that is the good air.

Feng shui first loan: survey and analysis of road, houses, rivers, lakes, mountains, buildings around the land to see the harm or good works to the house, thereby making methods reconcile.

3. The building location according to Feng Shui should be avoided:

Do not build a house in the middle or near the highway

Diets to build houses on the triangular piece of land

Diets housing first foothills and canyons

Abstain from planting to doorstep

Do not build a house too high

Walled houses built not too high

Do not build a house near temple

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