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Interior design trends 2017

If 2016 is the trend of vintage, geometric, the interior design trends of 2017 will be fresh and more youthful a lot.

The New Year is often associated with interior design trends new, of course not a new trend is also absolutely certain that one of the design trend has been associated for many years but new to this year raised floor become the new trend of the year.

1. Tropical Style

When you start to remember the warmth of the holiday lighting is when you can choose for themselves the tropical motifs.


Not necessarily tropical gaudy. Instead of choosing bright colors, you can choose softer colors, but still reflect the tropical style. For example, bedcover bedroom with palm leaf motif with two contrasting colors navy blue and white.

2. Accessories metal

Tend to use the home decorative accessories in metal material is completely not a new trend, but it became the trend of 2016 thanks to the popularity of its increasingly widespread.

Needless to say the majority are of how this trend. Not only is silver, gold, bronze or even tin, copper and other metals have been put to use in interior design this year.


3. The mix of materials

Not only has the mix of metals that you can mix the ingredients in interior design. Such as metal, wood, stone etc. The more you combine multiple ingredients that possible.


Zhejiang China modern kitchen with multiple fields of raw materials from the style Carrara marble, wood, gold …

4. Decorative Mirrors

In modern houses, the architects will take advantage of placing mirrors in the house because the design will become more perfect.


5. Innovative Material

2015 was the year of the dense texture as sheepskin to wool, the report 2016 is the year you’re creative about style, color and even the material.


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