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Quality apartments in Saigon as the West

Mainstream white tones combined with furniture items of extreme quality apartments in District 7 is causing many people to bewitching to behold.

This beautiful apartment is located in an apartment complex with a beautiful location in District 7 – which is dubbed the richest counties in Saigon. Despite the large area of ​​160m², but the layout to the space available has not really made its owner happy. Who was making love to the art and collectibles, paintings on display in the house, the owner of the house had the idea to renovate apartments desirable living space is airy and full of light and beautiful views advantage down the city.

With the request of the owner, the architect has renovated the apartment towards simple but tasteful with pastel colors dominant. Also apartment was converted from a 3 bedroom 4 bedroom, 1 bedroom area taken was demolished to increase the space of the dining room, living room and den.

After renovation, the apartment becomes extremely attractive to mainstream white tones and the furniture and modern dishes combine subtle vintage quality. Special lighting and pastel blue chair carefully selected has successfully completed the task of creating focal points for the house which still ensure utilities.


Living room – as a party – Kitchen – Dining is arranged in the same large room. Wishing spacious and bright enough, these areas almost do not need walls, but only logical layout for subdivision.


To enhance the storage space in the house, the system architect has arranged large shelf in the corner wall work, wall shelf kitchen and television systems.


A small wall just by some of the desk area was separated and brings workspace needed privacy.

Apartment Information

– Area: 160m²

– Design: T & D Solutions

– Completed: 2014

– Photo: Hiroyuki Oki

Hotline: 0220 389 1898