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Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – Saigon River

The modern infrastructure works of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – Saigon River Tunnel – Mai Chi Tho Avenue

The entire route Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – Saigon River Tunnel – Mai Chi Tho Avenue (formerly known as the East – West) with total funding of more than 16,000 billion – is the most prominent modern roads and HCM country. Avenue has a total length of nearly 22km from Hanoi Highway (District 2) on to 1A (H.Binh chief), passing through District 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, Binh Tan and Binh Chief, which is 1,49km Saigon river tunnel, shortens the distance from the west (western provinces) go to the east (the eastern province, north) and vice versa.


Paragraph Avenue East – West from the beginning Saigon River Tunnel (the District 1) to 1A (H.Binh District) was officially renamed the Vo Van Kiet Boulevard on 29/4/2011 with a length of 13 days , 4km. Avenue with almost 10 lanes, connecting the two east – west traffic and reduce the pressure to the city center.


Saigon River Tunnel (also known as Thu Thiem Tunnel) connecting D.1 (Vo Van Kiet Boulevard) for District 2 (Mai Chi Tho Avenue) as well as help for the East – West are transparent. Saigon River Tunnel to traffic official on the day 20/11/2011, is considered the longest river crossing tunnel and most modern in Southeast Asia. Nearly 1.5 km long tunnel, 33m wide, 9m high of 6 lanes.

Mai Chi Tho Avenue (from Highway Hanoi to Saigon River Tunnel, the District 2) are investing billions, the project is part of the East – West. In addition to shortening the length from east to west, there are sections of this highway connecting roads leading into Cat Lai, Phu My Bridge … to help ease traffic.

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